Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When I Worked on a Commercial Farm

I've had the experience of working on a commercial farm and harvesting produce. The farm where I worked grew a massive monoculture of the one food item. The vast field of the plant created a fertile breeding ground for the spread of disease. To combat the growth of fungus and the proliferation of bugs he alternated spraying about every three days with pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide. The leaves of the plants and the produce were coated with pesticide. When we picked the produce, we had to clean the chemical residue from the exterior with water and clorox to remove the visible pesticide residue from unsuspecting customers. Knowing the quantity of chemicals sprayed on the food I wouldn't eat them. I was also concerned about my chemical exposure just picking the produce. Luckily I don't work there anymore. Unfortunately, the long-term health effects of pesticides exposure from ingesting pesticide laced crops is unknown. Could these hidden pesticides and chemicals be the cause of widespread health problems: autoimmune diseases, cancer, and infertility? I have begun to question the safety of the food that I purchase at the grocery store. This is one among many reason to grow your own food. By growing your own food - YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER WHAT GOES INTO AND ON YOUR FOOD. Remember you are what you eat, can you expect to be any healthier? Garbage in equals garbage out...

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