Friday, October 22, 2010

Radish Greens Are Edible

I never considered eating radish greens until I read that they were edible and eaten in some parts of the world. Radishes are one of the fastest growing crops maturing in as little as three or four weeks. If you use the greens as well as the roots, then you will get the equivalent of two crops in the same space, radishes and greens. Rather than throwing those greens away when harvesting the roots, save them and steam or sauté them. The greens actually remind me of very mildly flavored turnip greens. They taste pretty good. We've actually had them about three times in a couple weeks. I have always liked radishes, but thought that they were bit of a waste space when you only get to eat the root crop. Using the leaves is a great idea to get more use out of your garden space. Radishes are in the Brassicaceae family and are related to other similar tasting greens like turnip greens, mustard greens, cabbage, and broccoli among many others.
Bag of leftover radish greens waiting to be eaten in a bag in the fridge.

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