Monday, May 10, 2010

Great New Video: "Dangers of GMOs" from the Health Ranger

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are increasing every year in our food supply from the widespread marketing and growth of the GMO market primarily corn, canola, and soy. The dangers will only increase in the coming years as the corporate seed companies (also chemical manufacturers) expand into the fruit and vegetable market. Soon we won't have an option of healthy fruits and vegetables at the grocery stores. Only GMO food will be sold unless we the people unite to suppress this travesty and demand healthy non-GMO food. You are probably wearing pesticide and herbicide clothing right now. It cannot be washed off because it is produced in the cells of the engineered plants and is present in the cotton fibers of your clothes. Any wonder diseases and health problems are on the rise with the continual exposure to potentially harmful pesticides and herbicides. Here is a great link from the Health Ranger exposing some of the problems with GMOs. Click here to watch the video, "Dangers of GMOs."

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