Thursday, May 6, 2010

What is a Chicken Tractor or Chicken Ark?

Here is the chicken tractor (aka chicken ark) that I put together a couple months ago. It was made almost entirely out of left over wire and wood junk from around the property. The only parts I bought besides the waterers and feeder were the hinges for the door to the nest box. It has worked well keeping the critters from killing and eating the chickens. The hawks were very sad that the pen was closed on top as they circled for about a day and kept swooping down at the chickens. We're building a second one that is larger for the chickens and we will probably use this one for sitting hens and hatching chicks.

I put it together after viewing a lot of different plans. My inspiration came from several sources.
1. The Chicken Tractor Gallery
2. Chicken Ark Plans
3. Mother's Mini-coop
4. Building Facilities and Plans
5. The Pallet Shed

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