Wednesday, May 5, 2010

High and Low Return Crops

(Values based on pounds produced per square foot, retail value per pound at harvest time, and length of time in the garden.)

Top 15 High Return Crops: Tomatoes, Beets, Green bunching onions, Carrots, Leaf lettuce, Cucumbers, Turnip (greens + roots), Peppers, Summer squash, Broccoli, Edible podded peas, Head lettuce, Onion storage bulbs, Swiss chard, Beans (pole, bush)

Low Return Crops (Not recommended for small gardens):
Corn, Winter squash, Melons, Pumpkins

Here is a picture of a 2008 intensive garden. Notice that the rows are too close to effectively till between the plants. It may be more work to weed, but it keeps the soil moist and allows you to grow a lot more food in a small space. My garden was 30 x 15 and produced a lot of produce especially greens and tomatoes. This picture is just about 1/4th of the garden area.

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