Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seed Exchange Website

Learning to trade seeds with others is an exciting way to try many new varieties without the high costs of purchasing seed. It isn't totally free you have to pay for postage. If you are budget strapped stick to flat seeds that won't get smashed in the mail rollers. Small seeds like tomato and pepper seeds can be mailed in a #10 envelope with one stamp and a napkin folded in half for padding if needed. Beans are an example of a seed that would need a bubble mailer. You can make your own with manila #10 envelopes and a small roll of bubble packing material. Just cut out the bubble packing material twice the depth of the envelope and fold it over and put the packet of seeds inside. It should ship fine.
Under the Plant Exchange, the Tomato Exchange and the Hot Pepper Exchange are particularly active. You would have to create a free account and exchange addresses to exchange seeds, see the instructions.

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