Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Limber Cobb Corn

Most people would probably think that this is crazy to grow field type corn in your garden, and maybe it is, but I decided to do it anyway. Here is a picture of a variety of corn that I planted called Limber Cobb. It is supposedly good for making cornmeal and corn flour. I haven't tried it yet as I was bulking up the seed for a larger grow out. I liked this variety because it is not a hybrid and it grew 12-15 feet tall on average in a northern climate. Everyone was amazed by the height of the corn by the end of the season. The chicken wire in the picture was two feet high, so as to give you an idea of how high it was early in the season. I was using it in my three sisters type garden.

To plant a three sisters garden: Plant a circle of corn with a diameter of about 3 feet with 6-8 seeds spaced out on the circle. Once the corn is up about 6 inches plant beans at the base of the corn and plant squash between the circular hills (I planted Mormon Squash a hubbard type).

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