Friday, May 7, 2010

My Favorite Tomato

This is a really hard question, what is my favorite tomato? There are so many different varieties and uses for tomatoes that I guess I'd have to narrow it down to my favorite salad tomato, slicing tomato, snacking tomato, canning tomato, and paste tomato. Am I missing any other uses?

Tomato Categories                Favorite Tomato Variety
Salad                                                   Green Zebra / Black Plum
Slicing                                                           Great White
Snacking                                                      Black Seaman  
Canning                                            German Queen / Box Car Willie
Canning Paste                                                    Heidi

I've tried the following tomato varieties Black Plum, Black Seaman, Box Car Willie, Red Brandywine, Caspian Pink, Cherokee Purple, Debbie Beefsteak, Great White, Green Zebra, Heidi, Jaune Flammee, Marianna's Peace, Marvel Stripe, Mormon's World Earliest, Noir de Crimee, Red Grape, Red Pear, Santa Clara Canner, Silvery Fir Tree, Sutton, Yellow Pear.

I have only tried a small selection of available open pollinated tomatoes and am really excited to try more over the next few years. I am really dying to try the following Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red, Bear Claw, Big Rainbow, Black Zebra, Black Brandywine, Bulgarian #7, Campbell's 1327, Costoluto Genovese, Dr. Wyche's Yellow, Eva Purple Ball, Earl of Edgecombe, Golden Queen (USDA strain), Heinz 1439, Italian Heirloom Tomato, Kellog's Breakfast, Matina, Opalka, Tangella, White Beauty, Wuhib, Zapotec Pleated, and Zogola.

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