Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring Planting Guide for Vegetables (Burpee Seed Starter Book)

The Burpee Seed Starter Book has some useful information for planning your garden. You can take your last frost date from the Victory Seeds website and then look up the planting times for all of your vegetables in this book based on that last average frost date.

Here is an example listing of planting times for a last freeze date of March 30

Beans, Lima    Apr 15-Jun 20
Beans, Snap    Apr 1-Jun 1
Beet    Mar 1-Jun 1
Broccoli (plants)    Mar 1-20
Brussels Sprouts (plants)    Mar 1-20
Cabbage    Feb 15-Mar 10
Carrot    Mar 1-Apr 10
Chard    Mar 1-May 25
Corn, Sweet    Mar 25-May 15
Cucumber    Apr 10-May 15
Garlic    Feb 10-Mar 10
Lettuce, Head (plants)    Mar 1-20
Lettuce, Leaf    Feb 15-Apr 15
Okra    Apr 10-Jun 15
Onion (plants)    Feb 15-Mar 15
Onion, Seed    Feb 20-Mar 15
Onion, Sets    Feb 15-Mar 20
Parsley    Mar 1-Apr 1
Parsnip    Mar 1-Apr 1
Peas, Garden    Feb 10-Mar 20
Peas, Black-eye    Apr 15-Jul 1
Pepper (plants)    Apr 15-Jun 1
Potato    Feb 20-Mar 20
Radish    Feb 15-May 1
Shallot    Feb 15-Mar 15
Sorrel    Feb 20-Apr 1
Spinach    Feb 1-Mar 20
Squash, Summer    Apr 10-Jun 1
Tomato    Apr 10-Jun 1
Watermelon    Apr 10-May 15

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