Friday, May 7, 2010

Cherry Belle - Radishes Going to Seed

Radishes are an early crop that will provide something healthy from your garden while you wait for the main crops to start producing. You can ensure that you'll get radishes throughout the early part of the season if you stagger your plantings in time roughly a week to two weeks apart. Separate the row you plan to plant in radishes into several sections maybe four and plant the first section as early as possible about 3-4 weeks before the average last spring frost. Plant each subsequent section of your row every week to two weeks. You should have a continuous supply of great radishes in the early spring-time. When you are picking the radishes leave your best looking ones and eat the slightly smaller or average radishes leaving a few of your best plants for seed. Radishes will easily cross between varieties and so it is best to plant only one variety or to separate them by time during the season, maybe grow one variety in the spring and another variety in the fall. Here is a picture of Cherry Belle Radishes going to seed. Once the plants dry out and the pods turn brown, split or smash the pods to extract the seeds. Let the seeds dry in a bowl or on a plate for an additional week or two to ensure that they are thoroughly dry and then put them in a bead bag or glass bottle. Some radishes appear to be biennial at flowering but mine all bloomed late in the season as an annual. Here is a picture of my selected plants blooming. Note: The yellow flowers are not radishes, only the white flowers.

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